Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Haha This is One of My Favorite Videos

Haha okay so I said earlier that Matt Meese is my favorite of the BYU Divine Comedy group (if you watched the video on the first link, he's the one in the flaming screen). This BYU Divine Comedy sketch is HILARIOUS!!!! (Mostly because of Matt =3) Enjoy!

Haha BYU Divine Comedy is Hilarious!

Okay so BYU has this club thing called BYU Divine Comedy. It is SO FUNNY!!! I laugh hysterically every time I watch them. =3 So I can rant further about how awesome they are, here's the link to my favs =3 Oh and Matt Meese is my favorite of the DC Bunch =3

Monday, October 17, 2011


Okay so I got bored the other day and when I was writing my book and I was looking for what a place that makes crepes was called (it's called a creperie by the way) and I randomly started looking up French desserts. I found the most delicious looking desserts ever! (I think =3)Anyway, it made me very hungry. Especially the chocolate crepe. (It looked so good that I used it in my book =3)I must share the deliciousness =3 check it out!

Hm....I didn't know you could put photos on here let me try. and also your welcome

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Beatles are the Greatest Band in HISTORY!!!!!

Okay, so lately I've been obsessing over the Beatles. I mean, really. They are the awesomest band in the UNIVERSE!!! A bajillion times better than Justin Bieber and Willow Smith and other awful singers and bands. NECESSARY RANTING TIME!!!!!! Okay so I hate how people will say: Oh the Beatles are either old or dead which means they must suck. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT!!!! I mean,they are THE ONLY BAND IN HISTORY to hold all top 5 slots of the BBC Records chart! NO BAND WILL EVER TOP THAT!!!!!!!! (Well, except maybe the band I hope to create =3) But anyway, now I must rant about the Beatles' epicness:
1.) They are Liverpudlian so they have awesome accents (I like Ringo's and Paul's)
2.) They have written more songs than ANY band!
3.) They were quite good-looking =3
4.) They were HILARIOUS!!
5.) They made and starred in movies like A Hard day's Night and Help! (so funny!)
6.) They have TWO cartoon shows! (I prefer the Beatles cartoons created in 1966)
7.) They wrote music that actually sounds good and they are ACTUALLY TALENTED!!!!!!
8.) They were more popular than ANY band nowadays
9.) Ringo and Paul are LEFT-HANDED!!!! (YAY! Like me! =3)
10.) John, Paul, Ringo, and George are THE MOST EPIC BRITISH BOYS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!! (ex. Paul McCartney is THE MOST SUCCESSFUL MUSICIAN IN THE WORLD!!)

(clears throat) Okay so now that I'm done venting (for now =3)I can say calmly... YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!JOHNPAULRINGOANDGEORGEARETHEAWESOMESTBANDEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (okay so maybe that wasn't too calm hehe) Alright now that I have gained my composure, I have two things to say: DFTBA and LISTEN TO THE BEATLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =3
PS: Look at my amazing thingy from the Beatles Cartoons!(hehe fiendish thingy hehe)From left to right it goes John, Paul, Ringo, and George.

Saturday, October 1, 2011