Monday, January 21, 2013


Okay I don’t really know if I can explain this without sounding like a total codependent brat but I digress. So believe it or not I am still in middle school at age 14 in the oh so wonderful 8th grade and though I do have friends in 8th I have or had if you will a good majority of friends a grade up go into high school and I don’t know what it is but people just think that people in lower grades are horrible people who can’t hold reasonable friendships which is totally untrue. They treat you like little children like one time I sat down after getting my lunch at a table that was predominantly girls a grade up from me and right when I sat down they stoped talking and one looked right at me and said. “What we’re talking about is much to inappropriate for you you need to leave.” One thing you should now right now is that I’m not a very angry person I’m very mellow but when she said this to me I was furious. To say something like that to someone who could be only a month apart from you in age is disrespectful. This just opens up a new topic. I dont have a ton of really close friends and people really didn’t start to like me untill middle school. After teachers started not giving a crap and not making you invite everyone to your birthday party I never was invited to anything which as you could imagine is just great on someones self esteem. Ive probably only gone to about 2-3 parties in the past 5 years and I now get really offended when I dont get invited to things and I could name dozens of times where it couldn’t have been less obvious that someone had planed an invent and I was the only person not to have been invited. Last year this girl who I had known for 2 and a half years and thought that we had a close friendship invited everyone and I don’t mean like in reality she only invited like 5 people I mean like everyone she knew and my other friends response to try to calm me down was that she didn’t know me that well which was totall bull crap ( by the way that other friend ended up having a party at the pool at the apartment complex that we BOTH LIVED AT and had the nerve to not only not invite me but to have it where we both lived.) So I guess to some this all up would be one question that would be what did I do wrong? Like its not that I’m not a good friend like I’m a freaking hufflepuff for crying out loud I would take a bullet for any of my friends. So if any of the people who I thought we’re my friends ever find this I would like them to know that I am genuinely hurt and I just want to know why you thought that leaving all your younger friends behind with out explanation was okay.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So I got home from school today and I see an orange envelope by the mailbox. I proceeded to scream and run out to grab it. I opened the envelope and there it was: MY CUSTOMIZED WHOLOCK CALENDAR!!! I SO EXCITED!!! :D :D Like really guys you have no idea how exciting this is. :D It's just so beautiful!

This is the best part of the day :) It makes up for fact that I have to do two days worth of math homework tonight. I'm so happy, I don't even mind that I have to do it. Anyhoo, DFTBA!

-Brittney the Consulting Time Lord

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rant Numéro 1: Biology

So today at 6:30 I had to go back to school to play in the pep band for the basketball game. We were allowed to bring our homework so I brought one of my new Doctor Who books (The Monsters Inside), my sketchbook, a pen, a pencil, whiteout, and my two Biology workbooks. BIOLOGY AAARGHZSATJZFDHZGFJZJZJNGGJGFJZDFGNZDFGJDH!!!!!!!!!!!

Biology is so stupid!! Well at least my specific class is. I'd actually probably enjoy it under different circumstances.  But my teacher is incompetent and the rest of the class is generally composed of complete idiots so naturally this class bugs the heck out of me. Just today my teacher said, "I know a whole lot about a  bunch of stuff."
One of my friends proceeds to ask, "My grandparents both have light eyes, so how is it that my uncle has dark eyes?" 
My teacher replies with, "I don't know. Maybe your grandmother had a fling."
The class looks at her like: O_o
And I'm just like: 

I mean who bloody says that?? And I thought she was the expert on these things!! Okay no I didn't, I haven't for a while now, but the point still stands. 
So anyways, I opened my workbooks and prepared to muscle through them but I was just like:

The questions are so bloody unintelligent and tedious, not to mention I practically have to do them 3 BLOODY TIMES OVER because my teacher makes us do not one, but TWO workbooks! Along with pages and pages of fill-in-the-blank notes that are mind-numbing and EQ's that we have to type up and format! I AM GOING TO GO BLOODY INSANE!! I just can't take this! How am I, a budding genius, supposed to cope with such unintelligent work?! HM?! If we could do the blasted notes in CLASS like the rest of the teachers who are actually NORMAL then the class might actually learn something instead of just listening to her bloody stories about getting attacked by monkeys and crocodiles because she was being a bloody idiot (seriously, who picks up a baby crocodile with its mother nearby??) and her irritating 'explanations' about how chewing gum will decrease your lifespan and how you should never strain noodles through a plastic colander if you don't want chemicals in your system. Well newsflash, NO ONE BLOODY CARES!! I will continue to chew gum as I please and I'm sorry but a plastic colander is significantly cheaper than a metal one and far easier to clean  so I'm just going to stick with what I already have thank you very much. Not to mention my teacher teaches in the most irritating way. The labs are boring, I can easily sleep in class, and I learn more in an 11 minute YouTube video about the subject than I do in 2 hours of class! (seriously, if you guys need help with bio just go here: )

siiiiiiigh. Well I got that out of my system so you all can go back to your lives now. :) DFTBA!

-Brittney the Consulting Timelord


Right when I lay down to sleep all of the creepy things that ive seen on YouTube or movies or shows etc starts to go though my head and my brain starts to twist it and make up these scenarios and it freacks me the crap out and I wish this wouldn’t happen cause I like sleep and I’m kinda afraid of having night mares.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year. I have a story.

So I went to my churches new years eve dance to night and I had just walked in when this guy walks in and I glanced at his face and my mind was like “that’s gibby from icarly”. So that was kind of surprising but, I came up to him and asked him if he was indeed the guy who played gibby (well I made a friend ask don’t judge me) and he said yes and shook my hand and my friends. An older friend did ask him to dance but he said no so I don’t know what that tells you about that person. So in conclusion, interesting first dance.