Thursday, May 31, 2012

Psych Quiz Results

So I was bored so I took some "What Psych Character Are You?" quizzes. Here were my results:

Lassie: 3 times
Jules: 1 time
Shawn: 1 time
Gus 1 time

Am I really that similar to Lassie? I think I'm an odd mixture of the four. I think I have Lassie's by-the-book attitude and his irritation with people who do things that are wrong or technically incorrect or annoying; Jules' compassion; Shawn's quirkiness, laziness, childishness, and love for pineapple; and Gus's intelligence and stubbornness.
In short, I'm a childish, laid-back, and compassionate Lassie. Well, I guess that would make me more like Lassie than the others. Hm. That works for me. Lassie is my favorite character aside from Shawn and Gus so it's all good. :) Oh, I love Psych. :) Probably as much as Shawn and Gus love bunnies. :)

 Well, TTFN, ta ta for now! :) DFTBA and LTTB :)