Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Love This Blog Post :)

Okay so I was randomly surfing the internet for Beatles related things (I can't remember when. It was a long time ago.) and I stumbled across this blog post from two years ago.

I laughed SO HARD!!! And I was so happy that I found another spazzy Beatles fan just like me! And if you scroll down all the way to the last comment you will see a comment by someone even more obsessed with Paul than I am! My friends have NO IDEA what a majorly crazed, deranged, and obsessed Beatles fan is. :) Well, actually they do (me!) but I contain it most of the time and I am realistic about it all. :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy an alternate source of Beatles fangirl spazziness! :) Bye! DFTBA and listen to the Beatles!! :)


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  2. Brittney, you have clearly never seen a post from a crazed david tennant fan

  3. No I hae not :) but I hae seen crazed Beatle fan posts. They can get really scary :)